About drii

Through presentation of their masterpiece in countries such as Japan, France and Italy, Drii's work has been influenced by the cultural interchange between the East and the West.  Drii design is working in their speciality field of lighting, as well as product, furniture, interior design, and based on craft material. From their design studio in Taiwan, Drii collaborates with some of the foremost Taiwanese and international craftsman, and presents the most gorgeous design.

Drii Design is specialized in houseware design and craft production, e.g. “Bamboo Explosion” (lighting), “The Balacne” (bamboo briefcase), “Bendboo” (desk lamp), etc. The brand name of Drii Design is inspired by the image of “water”, a radical of Chinese characters, symbolizing the injection of endless energy and inspiration into our creations as of water flowing continuously and eternally.
(1) Customized Design: Our senior designers are responsible for providing expertise in designing products, artifacts, furniture, interior and packaging.

(2) Drii Design Products: To promote oriental craft, we utilize bamboo, jade, glass and other materials to design unique products.

三點水文化創意是一家產品開發與設計公司,由設計師林桓民與工藝家黃品欣共同主持,協助客戶提升品牌及企業價值,結合東方工藝文現代設計創造  極具影響力的作品。其服務項目包含產  品設計與開發、家具設計、工藝設計、空間規畫、品牌規畫、包裝設計服務等。 於自有品牌方面,三點水於2010年起陸續開發一系列以工藝材質為主之生活用品,包含竹、玉、玻璃等之當代風格產品,將東方傳統工藝融入當代設計。而三點水品牌意象為華人書法文化中部首稱呼,以此作為泉源灌溉,注入源源不絕的能量,長久積累的內涵又如細水長流般,望此品牌能夠永續經營的涵意。
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