Tales-Tea set design 神話言-「唐女」中式茶具組設計

This collection was designed for Tales , which is one of the biggest culture creativity company in Taiwan. We try to focus on Chinese culture and National Palace Museum, and use the element from Tang Dynasty’s Women, and represent the tea set’s detail by their gesture and clothes. The pattern in the deeper layer of the body to show how the women wear in Tang Dynasty. 此系列為藝拓國際股份有限公司/神話言 委託,針對中華文化及台北故宮博物院設計之茶具設計,造型靈感來自唐代仕女婀娜多姿的豐腴體態。將衣裳與肢體的互動表現於茶具的各個細節,如壺嘴上揚象徵袖口露出手腕的嫵媚姿態,花紙表現於內層象徵不同層次的穿搭。

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